Interpretation Services

Our Professional Specialized Interpreters Provide Many Interpretations To Our Local And International Clients. Interpretation Is Already Quite Far From Any Of The Other Language Services. The Professional Interpreter Presents Years Of Experience In Dealing With Linguistic Problems And Will Have Knowledge To Fill The Gap In Many Situations And Fields Including:

  • Translation Of Conferences
  • Business / Marketing Meetings
  • General Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Media Translation

 Consecutive Translation :

In Consecutive Translation, The Interpreter Speaks Immediately After The Speaker Finishes Speaking. The Conversation Is Divided Into Parts When The Speaker Is Finished Talking; Then The Translator Translates The Entire Message Into The Target Language. To Understand A Language, The Translator Must Understand The Culture Of The Same. We, In Sultan Al Baqami Translation Office, Assign The Task To The Suitable Translator Who Has The Right Knowledge In That Particular Field And Has The Ability To Convey The Nuances Of The Dialogue Quickly And Accurately.

Interpretation :

The Interpreter Sits In A Soundproofed Room And Translates The Message Into The Target Language As Quickly As Possible With Its Wording From The Source Language. The Interpreter Speaks In Headphone So That Listeners Can Hear The Language Clearly Through The Headphones. Our Highly Skilled And Experienced Translators Provide A Free And Sound Means Of Oral Communication. With Us, You Can Count On An Experienced Group Of Interpreters In Conferences Or Seminars.

Required Information:

You Shall Provide Us With Documents And Reference Materials That Will Be Used For Interpreting. Interpreters Should Have The Same Information As Those Sent To Delegations Or Participants. In Addition, Presentations Or PowerPoint Documents Which Will Be Distributed During The Meeting, Especially Those That Will Be Discussed, Should Be Available To Us Before Discussing The Same. Our Interpreters Will Study The Topic Before The Conference As Well As Prepare A Glossary For The Conference Accordingly.